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Grow your Firm with the Highest Quality Estate Planning Referrals


Don’t burn money on ads when you can pay us per opportunity.

We take on all the risk while you take on deals.

It’s really that simple.

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No more burnt ad spend.

Rather than risk losing thousands on digital agencies and burnt ad budgets, partner with us and only pay-per-result. We don’t charge hefty retainers or risk your capital or expect you to risk your capital.

Each month, we generate hundreds of pre-qualified Referrals and send them to our estate planning partners across the state. When you close a deal, we all win.

  • Know your exact ROI
  • Track Every Referral
  • We can scale with you

Our Process to Jumpstart Your Growth

Phase One

Pipeline Planning Call

First, we’ll schedule a chat to learn about the clientele you need and make sure we’re an appropriate fit.

Phase Two

Partner Onboarding

Then we’ll set you up on our back-end pipeline dashboard that automatically catches and sends you referrals.

Phase Three

Generate Opportunities

We turn on referrals via web form and real-time call transfers…. generating new opportunities for your business each and every week.

Phase Four

Paid on Opportunities

You’ll only pay us for the opportunities that we bring you back monthly. No wasted advertising budgets.


Start Generating More Referrals & Customers Today


Referrals on-demand

We’ll make sure to keep your pipeline full. You’ll never be without referrals to engage and never have a shortage of opportunities to pursue.


Predictable growth

Stop relying on word-of-mouth or other unreliable sources to promote your business, we’ll have you feeling confident in your growth.


Completely automated

You’ll be set up on our state-of-the-art lead management software that ensures there’s no headaches, and you can focus on closing.

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A team dedicated to you


In 2019, Estate Plan Match opened its doors to provide Elder Law marketing and Estate Planning marketing services. We are headquartered in the Suncoast of Florida in Palm Harbor, just north of Clearwater and west of Tampa in beautiful Tampa Bay. We have opened up our work with estate planning law firms from nearly every state.

Estate Plan Match’s founder Vinnie Campagna took his 20-year lead generation experience and started this business focused exclusively on the estate planning industry of will, trusts, and probate issues.

After experiencing end-of-life family issues firsthand, we believe no one deserves to go through these transitions without a plan.

As an attorney, you should focus on what you love: helping families create lasting legacies.

Stop stressing about finding new business and utilizing your strengths. We will take care of the rest and help you win.